So what is FroggARTt?

FroggARTt is a play on my last name Froggatt. Somehow people always want to spell it "Froggart"! So when I decided to return to my artistic endeavors after 30 some years in publishing and marketing I decided to take ownership of that silly "r".

FroggARTt is my passion for fun, loose and bold paintings in acrylics. What I've discovered is that my paintings look great on products like bags, scarves and more.

So while you can purchase my original art on canvas or order prints; you can also use/wear my work in a super fun way. So ditch that boring make-up bag and come shopping with me!


Based on demand I am open for pet portraits!

You can book a custom acrylic - painted portrait of your pet
on a 20” x 20”x 2”  canvas.

You can choose from an abstract or realistic colour scheme.

A 50% deposit is required which is non-refundable.

This is Hank! He's a fiery and loveable Frenchie.

Commissions typically take 4-6 weeks to complete.

All I need is 3-4 well lit images of your pet to work from.

Cost per portrait $500 CAD

Shipping extra.

This is Angus! She's a gorgeous and goofy Ragdoll cat.

Contact me and let's paint your pet!

This is Yoshi!